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Handsets and The Pet Tiger

No, don’t jump to conclusions…the title is much apt. By the time you reach the final line of the article, you will have understood that the parallel drawn is but inevitable.

There’s a story that I read in my school textbook and like countless other stories, this too has stayed with me. So, here goes the story..

The writer in the story was an avid hunter and once he brought home an orphaned tiger cub from a hunting adventure he’d been too. Over the years, the pet tiger trained well under the writer’s guidance and needless to say, had become oblivious of his native disposition. Every time the writer would come home, the pet,would cling to him just as a toddler clings to his mother when she comes home after work.

One day the master returned home with an injured knee. As usual, the pet rushed to meet his master, cuddling and waiting to be cuddled. The master asked his servant to get the first aid kit to treat his injured knee. All of a sudden the writer noticed something unusually usual…his pet was at his knee, licking the blood from the wound with utmost greed. The kneejerk realisation that dawned over the writer pronounced with a thump the divide between man and beast. By now the servant had come and was watching the scene with equal horror. No amount of persuasion could deter the pet from his newfound taste. It won’t even let the servant handover the first aid kit to the writer. Working wisely, the writer instructed the servant to secretly load the gun and aim at the pet. The tranquilliser shot put the beast to sleep and the very next day, the writer handed him over to the zoo, realising with much shock that somethings cannot be domesticated lest they should consume us.

Yes, my addiction to my handset happens to be the pet tiger in my life…probably in yours too!!

Paradoxically, we have the world in our palms and loneliness all around. Why to blame the current generation only, even adults have their handsets glued to them. Now social life hinges on a tick and a swipe and to mention the least, we all suffer from an anxiety called the blue tick anxiety! Emojis have become definitive yardstick for love, longingness, heartbreaks and what not.

Just as our handsets are shrinking in size, so is the world around us. Without realising, we have enslaved a beast that in turn is ruling over us. This revolution has everyone irrespective of age in its grip. Even if one is not active on any social networking sites, one cannot deny enjoying the recipe that is streaming entertainment right into his eyes.

All these online communications equip you with a handle that helps you collect friends as you would collect physical objects. These are cool platforms for free social comparisons with millions of profiles, comparisons that mostly make you feel like a turd but still you go on. It takes you to a domain of stubbornness no one can negotiate with. Why? Why are we making something that was made for our use, our addiction? Are we really on a road to cognitive decline that we can’t see the difference it has initiated in us? Wake up before the beast devours you, for it has already started licking your wound!!

There are several ways you can shoot the tranquiliser. Create a family mission….list down your reasons for picking up the phone. Is it simply out of loneliness and boredom? If that is so, find out other ways to kill it for if your fathers and forefathers could survive by drumming up support from people present in flesh and blood, then you too can!

There has to be an antidote for the venom that has permeated our being in the name of communication or games! The freedom that it spells is fatally morphed and by the time the mask will fall, we’ll have only hungry ghosts walking the planet.


Count the number of times you benefit from online interactions. Reward yourself even if you could resist it for an hour. Let the family mission be to beat the beast and not to let it chew you up mind, body and soul!!

Remember addictions are not formed by habit, the basis is always motivation!!